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Spiritual and Psychic Development Articles
New Age Alternatives is a site dedicated to helping you with Life Success. Offering information and product reviews of alternative beliefs and practices..


Crystal Healing and Crystal Healing Courses
Your leading resource for Crystal Healing Courses and Crystals for Healing Information.


Astral Projection Binaural Beat
We all have the ability to travel on the Astral Plane, but most people fail because they can not tune their brain waves into the right frequency. Now it no longer takes years to master Astral Projection! We stumbled upon the "secret key" to Astral Projection which is so powerful that many people are able to Fully Astral Project on their first try.


Create Your Ideal Reality Blog

14 Easy Ways to Develop Psychic Abilities, Intuition and ESP.


Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression is a way to learn about your past lives. Many cultures around the world believe in reincarnation and we are put here to learn a lesson which will help our spiritual growth. Our Past Life Regression recording eases you to the boundary of Alpha and Theta where creativity mixes with dreams. When you are in this state it becomes possible travel back in your past and view your past lives from your current mentality state.


Four Meditation Pack
Simply stated, our Meditation Binaural Beats will Alter your consciousness and help you find that peaceful escape you are searching for. Our recordings will lower your brain frequencies and put you in the Alpha and Theta states which is essential for Meditation. You will hear peaceful nature sounds and harmonics with True Binaural Beats in the background which will be responsible for your Shift In Consciousness.


Aura Remote Viewing Spirit Guide
Our Aura Viewing Binaural Recording guides you into the Upper Alpha Brain State, and focuses on 2 certain frequencies that put you into a stage of "Not thinking about anything in particular". Once you become accustomed to these brain frequencies, you can learn to reach the Upper Alpha Frequencies on demand.