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Astral Projection Binaural Beat
You can learn to Astral Project! We all have the ability to travel on the Astral Plane, but most people fail because they can not tune their brain waves into the right frequency. We all know that Astral Projection is dependant of the brain, and it takes years of dedicated practice to reach the mentality level to allow our inner body to separate from our physical body. Controlling the brain is one of the hardest obstacles that we face. Now it no longer takes years to master Astral Projection! We stumbled upon the "secret key" to Astral Projection which is so powerful that many people are able to Fully Astral Project on their first try! Using our Astral Projection Tool, even the most stubborn mind can learn to Astral Project. No intense mind training, no herbal influence, and no frustration.

Deep Sleep
Having a hard time falling asleep? We have good news. With the help of Binaural Beats, your brain's frequencies can be easily and quickly adjusted to promote quick and healthy sleep patterns. Your brain is directly responsible for sleep. Sometimes our mind races about our daily activities and it seems impossible to let these thoughts go.Our Binaural Beats will lower your brain frequencies to Alpha, Theta, and Delta which will help you glide into a deep sleep. Our Binaural Beats are safe, and there is no need to take sleeping pills anymore.

ESP Recording
Extra Sensory Projection (ESP) is defined as the ability to acquire information by paranormal means independent from any known physical senses or deduction from previous experiences. It is sometimes referred to as the "Sixth Sense". ESP is a broad term and can relate to Many Paranormal Abilities. Some of which are Clairvoyancy, Remote Viewing, Mediumship, Psychic Powers, channeling, and more. ESP is widely accepted as fact. Police, Detectives, and Government Agencies world wide have utilized services of "Psychics" to solve crimes. Although all of the powers mentioned above are separate abilities, they all share the same mind setting. Once the brain is tuned into the ESP frequency, the individual can practice and develop a variety of skills within that array.

Lucid Dream
Lucid Dreaming is realizing you are dreaming as you dream. When you reach the Lucid Dreaming state, you will be able to control your dreams and experience anything you wish. There are different stages of Dream Control, but only Lucid Dreaming gives you complete control. Many times a person is able to control their dreams without realizing they are dreaming, but when you realize you are dreaming, you will have more control. Many experienced Lucid Dreamers focus their dreams on experiencing things that are not possible in the physical world such as flying.

Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression is a way to learn about your past lives. Many cultures around the world believe in reincarnation and we are put here to learn a lesson which will help our spiritual growth. Our Past Life Regression recording eases you to the boundary of Alpha and Theta where creativity mixes with dreams. When you are in this state it becomes possible travel back in your past and view your past lives from your current mentality state. With practice, making inner journeys into your past can become second nature.

Shaman Consciousness
Studies show that the Shaman Conscious level is within the Low Theta range just teetering above Delta. Theta is where dreams come into play along with astral travel, intuition, and spiritual awakening, and Delta is the Deep Sleep state. Our Shaman Consciousness Binaural Beat is designed to bring your mind directly to the Low Theta state without the need for any practice or other influences.

Four Meditation Pack
Simply stated, our Meditation Binaural Beats will Alter your consciousness and help you find that peaceful escape you are searching for. Our recordings will lower your brain frequencies and put you in the Alpha and Theta states which is essential for Meditation. You will hear peaceful nature sounds and harmonics with True Binaural Beats in the background which will be responsible for your Shift In Consciousness.

Aura Remote Viewing Spirit Guide
Our Aura Viewing Binaural Recording guides you into the Upper Alpha Brain State, and focuses on 2 certain frequencies that put you into a stage of "Not thinking about anything in particular". Many experience a floating sensation while in this stage. Once your brain is in this stage, your conscious mind can not make judgment and a persons "True Colors" will be visible to the inner mind. Towards the end of the recording, there is a frequency dip that takes you into the High Theta zone, than right back to the High Alpha Range. This dip is a powerful tipping point that often leads to an epiphany or great learning and understanding. Once you become accustomed to these brain frequencies, you can learn to reach the Upper Alpha Frequencies on demand.

Unleash Your Psychic Ability
If You’ve been searching for a book that will teach you how to develop your inner strength by using your inbuilt psychic ability, your sixth sense and by learning how to interpret your dreams to make a better life for yourself, Congratulations! you’ve found it. I will show you how to transform your life and live it, in a way you never dreamed possible. So, if you're really interested in understanding and unleashing your psychic ability, therefore making a better life for yourself and your willing to learn and practice these simple principals then you have found exactly what you are looking for. This is probably the most comprehensive book of its kind available today.

Crystal Healing for Pleasure or Profit
Are you tired of reading books that only touch on the subject and leave you wanting to ask questions? Crystal Healing for Pleasure or Profit has been designed and written in a structured and easy to read format. I have a real passion for the subject and wish to pass my knowledge onto you. Furthermore, my book will empower you with the wisdom and insight of the kingdom of gemstones, because you will find complete instructions for developing your own potential and beginning your journey into the realms of crystal healing.