Inner Awareness


Discover your Inner Awareness

Learn about inner awareness and how to create a balance between physical awareness and inner awareness. Start by bringing balance into your life.


This area of the site will teach you how to create a balance between your physical awareness and your inner awareness. The key to understanding your inner awareness is to trust an initial response, answer or insight that you receive from your self. Allowing yourself to open up to the incredible possibilities, that are presented to you in your lifetime.

Most of the time you live on the surface of your experiences with a complex mix of past and future issues competing for your attention. All these cloud the full potential of the present moment. To really find your inner awareness you have to go into the present moment and listen to your inner voice.

Everybody has access to these abilities. It is just that your subconscious is programmed to forget. You let your logical mind talk you out of it and then kick yourself later because you lost an excellent opportunity. The same is true in acknowledging these abilities. You must be quiet, listen, and pay attention to be receptive.

If your mind is too busy and you are thinking about all the problems in your life and worrying about tomorrow, you can miss important information or insights that will come to help you in your life.

In this section you will understand how to achieve and how to understand you inner awareness.

You have the tendency not to trust yourself when making a key decision in your life and will defer this to the opinions of others. By using your inner awareness, you can receive guidance on your life from your best source, yourself. This section will help you improve your mind; you will be able to make your own discussions, because you will know what is best for you. Here you will learn about emotional awareness and thoughts.

Therefore, the key to receiving inner-awareness is to trust in yourself and to be open to the incredible and infinite possibilities of the adventures of life that present themselves to you in a lifetime. Your inner awareness lets you see new situations that you can explore in your life. The incredible things you can learn through this process will be of benefit to you and to others around you.

If you drive on the roads without understanding the rules of the road, you will have a confusing and difficult journey. When you understand about your inner awareness, you will learn and apply it in your journey through life, making it a pleasant place to be. When you use your inner awareness you will have a higher insight into the world you live and to those who live in it with you.

Using your inner awareness will help you to understand your external power. It requires you to become aware moment-by-moment of the decisions you are making and the way you are feeling. Your inner awareness will confront you with the healthiest part of your inner-self.

Some people have awareness of existing only on the physical plane; others who are sensitive to subtle energies around them experience other planes of reality. Therefore, when you are discussing inner awareness you are showing you have the ability to use your inner awareness to perceive and interpret other vibrational frequencies or dimensions, which exist side by side with us.

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