Dreams and Astral Projection


Your dreams can come true

What do your dreams say about you? Your dreams are a successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that occur involuntarily while you sleep.


Your dreams can be a reservoir of experience and knowledge. However, this is something that can be overlooked causing you to only use it to explore reality. There would have been a time when you have woken from a startling dream and wondered for a few moments, what it meant, and then you would forget about it. All the dreams you have are there to give you a massage.

Most dream researchers agree that you can use your dreams as a tool to help you understand yourself, for dealing with and solving your problems or even as a way of increasing you creativity and productivity. Your dreams can guide you by enhancing your relationship, by gaining insight or obtaining guidance in your career. You will gain a new perspective on and throughout your life.

You spend about a third of your life asleep that means that in a life span of 75 years you sleep the equivalent of 25 years. However, it is only recently that science has started to understand what happens during your sleep. In a typical night, you will pass through four distinct phases of sleep. These different phases are a combination of frequency brain waves, eye movement and muscle tension.

To some extent, society and your expectations have influenced your ideas. The average person needs eight hours sleep per day, however, some find they need less and some feel they need more.

Your dreams are the minds way of making sense of the various inputs it has to cope with throughout the day. During your waking hours the focus of your activity, will be towards the external and conscious mind. You are continually taking in information, this you can use immediately or you can store it until you can categorize it allowing you to fit it into some kind of pattern. You are capable of assessing what is going on, making decisions and producing realizations and insights in the light of this fresh information. This information and insights are stored for later use, and can appear in your dreams in a random fashion.

Dream interpretation cannot be an exact science and therefore you must take into account your understanding. You may not be looking for psychological or spiritual interpretation, but simply an easy explanation of the dream.

Throughout this section you will understand how to interpreted your dreams, there will be instructions for recalling your dreams, you can learn to program dreams and venture into new worlds, meeting both friends and strangers and even search past lives, you may even get a peek at events that are in your future. You will be able to understand dream symbols, practice with some exercises, start your own dream journal, have out-of- body experiences, astral travel and understand different levels of sleep.

Dream analysis, interpretations of dreams and the understanding of what the process of dreaming is all about has its origins in many schools of thought. However, one thread seems to weave through all perspectives, dreams appear to reflect your deeper feelings and thoughts and perhaps do serve to analyze your unconscious responses.

Dream Interpreters
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