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About the Mystical Empowerment Website

This mystical empowerment site has come about through an idea thought of by Lynn Claridge.

Lynn is a Psychic Medium who has used her psychic ability all of her adult life. It was not until her late teenage years that she wanted to try and understand what was happening. Lynn always knew deep down inside which direction she should have taken in a given situation, but more often then not ignored this inner knowing.

It was suggested to her that she had to understand this ability and was introduced to Kevin Wade a psychic medium that would take her under his wing. So she joined his psychic development circle.

Furthermore Lynn is a qualified Psychotherapist, Crystal Healer and a Relaxation Therapist gaining qualifications through The School of Natural Health Sciences of Berkeley Square, London.

Lynn is a practicing Clairvoyant / Psychic Medium and conducts personal readings. Lynn also holds psychic awareness and development classes, and coaches people in the principles of obtaining meaningful meditation.

Lynn has written two e-books. Unleash Your Psychic Ability and Crystal healing for Pleasure or Profit. Both are available to purchase over the Internet.

Lynn says,
I am very fortunate to have been given this gift of clairvoyance and to be able to use this gift to help people. I have discovered that by combining both my psychic ability and my psychotherapy skills, I am able to guide people from all walks of life in the right direction and help them overcome the many difficulties they encounter throughout there life. I have dedicated my life to helping people and will continue to do so for as long as I am able, through both my psychic ability and my psychotherapy counselling.

Books written by Lynn Claridge

Unleash Your Psychic Ability
If You’ve been searching for a book that will teach you how to develop your inner strength by using your inbuilt psychic ability, your sixth sense and by learning how to interpret your dreams to make a better life for yourself, Congratulations! you’ve found it.

I will show you how to transform your life and live it, in a way you never dreamed possible.

So, if you're really interested in understanding and unleashing your psychic ability, therefore making a better life for yourself and your willing to learn and practice these simple principals then you have found exactly what you are looking for.

Crystal Healing for Pleasure or Profit
Are you tired of reading books that only touch on the subject and leave you wanting to ask questions? Crystal Healing for Pleasure or Profit has been designed and written in a structured and easy to read format. I have a real passion for the subject and wish to pass my knowledge onto you.

Furthermore, my book will empower you with the wisdom and insight of the kingdom of gemstones, because you will find complete instructions for developing your own potential and beginning your journey into the realms of crystal healing.

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